Best Places to Visit in Seymour, Indiana

Seymour is a city in Jackson County, Indiana, United States. It has a population of 21,569 according to the 2020 census. Seymour offers many attractions for visitors. Some of them include the Crossroads Community Park, Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge, and ZwanzigZ Pizza and Brewery.

Crossroads Community Park

For those who love to get out and explore the outdoors, Crossroads Community Park is one of the most popular destinations in Seymour. It features a fitness center, a JCB Pavilion, walking/biking trail, restrooms, and more than 50 parking spaces. Located in the heart of Historic Downtown Seymour, this park features a variety of activities that the entire family can enjoy.

While you’re there, stop by the visitor center and view some displays about the town’s history. The center also features a mural by Indianapolis artist Pamela Bliss that features John Mellencamp in two portraits. One portrait depicts him sporting his FFA jacket. If you’d like to learn more about the history of Seymour, talk with Larry McDonald, who owns the visitor center and can give you an engaging history lesson.

If you’re looking for a place to eat, the town is home to many excellent restaurants and breweries. The town’s downtown has an impressive restaurant and bar scene, and you can try the legendary Schwatzer’s Burger. Another must-try is Larrison’s Diner, where you can enjoy grilled onions on an unforgettable burger. This popular diner even featured in the 1992 Mellencamp movie Falling From Grace. Other nearby restaurants include the Townhouse Cafe and Batar’s Sweet Shop.

Crossroads Community Park is a great place to visit in Seymour Indiana. It has more than 300 acres of parkland, 1.2 square kilometers of green space, and two cemeteries. Visitors can also explore the town’s rich history by visiting the Jackson County Visitor Center, which is just a few blocks from downtown. The center offers a number of historical displays and information on the area’s rich history.

Historic City Cemetery

The Historic City Cemetery in Seymour, IN is a city burial ground that dates back to 1816. The cemetery has many unique historical markers and is located in an area that is well-known for its history of railroading and John Mellencamp. It also contains historical markers for the Reno Gang and the escaped slave Alexander McLure, who was captured in Seymour in 1860.

Seymour, Indiana, is a sleepy town, but during the Civil War, the city was an important railroad hub. The town was also the scene of America’s first organized train robbery. Today, Seymour is a quiet and pastoral hamlet.

The historic city cemetery in Seymour is home to three headstones of the notorious Reno brothers. These brothers were part of the Reno gang, who committed the first train robbery in the US. A historical marker commemorating this crime has been placed on the headstones of the Reno brothers, which is located in the Old City Cemetery.

The town was notorious for its outlaws, and the Reno Gang was headquartered in Seymour. The Reno gang was notorious in the Midwest after the Civil War. Its members were jailed in prison. They were eventually freed, and returned home to Seymour. However, they did not live long, and they died at their home in 1895.

ZwanzigZ Pizza and Brewery

A cherry-wood-trimmed pizzeria draws locals with generous slices for lunch and a variety of house-brewed beers. The casual atmosphere is a great place for a quick bite or an afternoon treat.

This former mill town has many historic buildings and is home to the birthplace of heartland rocker John Mellencamp. The town also features a vibrant public arts center on its property, and its central business district hosts over 65 events each year. The town’s Main Street initiative helped attract 25 new businesses in the last five years.

ZwanzigZ Pizza and Brewery serves its own beer in a cozy pub room. Beers are $4 per pint and $12 for a pitcher. You can also purchase single 5-ounce samples for $1.75. The brewery also bottles five of its beers for distribution and sells them at local Cork Liquors locations.

Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge

Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge is a National Wildlife Refuge located 3 miles east of Seymour, Indiana. The location is easy to reach via U.S. Route 50. The refuge is an ideal place for wildlife watching and photography. You can also enjoy other outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and camping. If you’re looking for a unique place to explore while in Seymour, Indiana, you should consider a visit to Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge.

If you want to see different types of wildlife, Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge is the place to go. This refuge is home to over 280 species of birds and reptiles. Visitors can also observe a variety of animals including mammals, birds, and butterflies.

The Refuge Visitor Center offers restrooms with modern fixtures. A pit toilet is also available at the Persimmon Pond Fishing Area. The Refuge Visitor Center is open Tuesday through Sunday and has a large exhibit area. The Muscatatuck Wildlife Society operates the refuge. To the west of the Refuge, you can find several motels and restaurants. If you’re interested in camping, there are also public campgrounds in Brownstown and Vernon.

Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge offers scenic drives through the park. There are also many short hikes within the park that are perfect for families. The Auto Tour passes through several miles of the park and provides prime views of the park’s ecosystems and local wildlife.

If you want to spend some time in the natural surroundings of Seymour, Indiana, you can take the Refuge Auto Tour. The four-mile trail offers plenty of opportunity to see the Refuge’s diverse wildlife. You can also stop at one of the feeding stations, which are free of charge and often draw many birds.

Burkhart Plaza

If you love outdoor activities, one of the best places to visit in Semour, Indiana is the Burkhart Plaza, which is one of the town’s newest attractions. It features an interactive music plaza and a welcome sign that honors the city’s rich history. There are also displays about John Mellencamp, a local musician, and historical markers about the city’s famous gang, the Reno Gang.

Visitors can dine at Larrison’s Restaurant, a local institution since 1940. This restaurant is known for its traditional grilled hamburger made with local meat. It serves its burgers with home-made whole-potato fries.

This 5,000 square-foot office facility is conveniently located at the corner of Walnut St. in the heart of downtown Seymour. It is on 16 acres of town property, and has access to O’Brien St and Wildwood Ct. The building also includes a 5,000-square-foot warehouse.

Seymour is also known for the John’s Mansion, an 1851 Greek Revival brick mansion. The mansion hosts a variety of events, including monthly concerts. The John’s Mansion also has a pottery barn and an antique printing museum. The town is also home to the Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge, a 7,800-acre site founded in the mid-19th century on a river filled with natural springs.

The Reno Gang, an infamous group in the Midwest during the Civil War, was also located in Seymour. The Reno Gang’s headquarters were located in Seymour and Rockford, both in Jackson County, Indiana.

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