Places to See and Things to Do in Clyde, New Zealand

There are many places to stay in Clyde, including the Dunstan Hotel, Olivers, and Hartley Arms. The town also has a number of bed and breakfast options. Olivers, the town’s most popular bar and restaurant, serves excellent craft beers. Wine is also a popular drink in Central Otago.

Clyde is a “living museum”

Although the town’s origin is still debated among residents, Clyde has a rich history in Appalachia. It is home to the oldest frame house west of the Blue Ridge. The town became incorporated nearly a century ago and was known as an important shipping point for livestock. Today, the town is making efforts to preserve its past and commemorate important events in American history.

Located just 20 miles west of Asheville, Clyde is the perfect destination for anyone who loves Appalachian culture. Its small-town charm is apparent on every corner of the town. You’ll experience unfiltered views of the Smokies, while soaking in the local culture.

The crimes committed by Bonnie and Clyde are often exaggerated to benefit the poor and disenfranchised. Today, these crimes are seen as a “living museum” and are used to educate the public. This is an important way to educate future generations about this period of history.

One aspect of the town’s history that has been preserved is the community’s connection to the ocean. It is one of the main attractions for tourists. Many of them come to the area to watch lobstering, learn about the history of fishing, and eat fresh fish and lobster. Longtime residents understand the importance of tourists and appreciate the support they give the community. However, they are wary of the attitude of the new migrants.

It is a great place to enjoy the cafe lifestyle

Clyde is a small but quaint town that evokes the cafe culture and can offer you the ultimate dining experience. The town’s history goes back to 1869, when Benjamin Naylor built a store in the town to sell provisions to miners. Over the years, more stone buildings were added. The original store became Fleur Sullivan’s restaurant, serving up New Zealand cuisine. In 2010, new owners took over and faithfully restored the building’s gardens and courtyard.

Clyde New Zealand is a charming historic town, situated at the mouth of a river gorge. The town is surrounded by craggy standing rocks and rounded hills of schist. These rocks were once mined for gold, and the region was the site of several gold strikes during the late 1800s. Moreover, the region’s climate is ideal for settlement, and you can enjoy hot, dry summers and mild springs. It also offers beautiful fall colours. Visiting Clyde is a great way to enjoy the cafe lifestyle, while learning more about the history of the region.

The town is located in Central Otago, and is an excellent base for exploring the region’s beautiful landscape. Clyde is also home to Olivers, a must-visit restaurant that’s part of the Olivers Heritage Complex, which is home to three cafes. You can also enjoy beer poured from the in-house brewery.

The town is surrounded by hills, which add to its beauty. Visitors can walk around the town to experience the city’s scenic beauty. The town also has several historic buildings, including the Dunstan Times Building and the Naylor General Store.

It is a great place for cyclists

If you’re a cyclist and looking for a new cycling destination, Clyde, New Zealand is a good choice. There are several trails that can be used for bike riding, and you’ll be happy to know that you’re never far from the water. The Millennium Track runs along the river, and you’ll rarely have to leave it. There are also a number of wooden boardwalks along the way, so you won’t feel too exposed.

The region was once a bustling settlement. The town of Clyde was a significant settlement, and many turn-of-the-century buildings remain. The town is also home to three museums, as well as a scenic lookout with breathtaking views.

The region’s diverse geography makes it a great place for cycling. The Otago Central Rail Trail is an incredible route for bikers, with many options for starting and finishing your adventure. Many companies offer bike hireage and package tours. In addition, the Otago Goldfields Heritage Trail is an excellent year-round attraction.

There are plenty of great places to eat and drink while you’re here. Clyde’s historic district is one of the best preserved in Central Otago. The old Olivers store – which sold provisions to gold miners – is now an upmarket restaurant and bar. The town is also home to numerous bed and breakfasts. There’s also a good selection of craft beer.

Clyde is also home to three of the best cycling trails in the South Island. The trails are easy to ride and suitable for all levels. The trails wind through a variety of landscapes, including dramatic river gorges and vast rocky plains. You’ll also pass through quaint little towns as you go.

It is a great place for hikers

Clyde New Zealand is a great location for hikers. There are many trails throughout the area, and you can visit local vineyards, orchards, and farms while you’re there. Clyde also has a picturesque lake and a quaint town with lots of boutiques.

The Otago Rail Trail runs through the region, and a number of top quality eating and drinking establishments can be found in the area. The region is also close to some of New Zealand’s most popular cycling routes. Hikers will enjoy the many options for transportation and accommodation.

Hikers can explore the Otago Rail Trail from Clyde. During the gold rush years, Clyde was one of the most populous towns in New Zealand, and has beautifully restored historic buildings. In addition, Clyde has many award-winning restaurants and hotels.

The beautiful Otago Peninsula is home to a variety of native New Zealand birds and sea lions. You can also explore the Orokonui Ecosanctuary, a predator-free native forest sanctuary where endangered and threatened bird species can live in peace.

If you’re not a hiker, consider taking the Lake Dunstan Trail, a 55-kilometre bike and walking trail that links the townships of Cromwell and Clyde. This route is difficult but beautiful, so it will test your skills in the outdoors. Hikers should also check out the Pakia Hill lookout point, located outside the small town of Omapere. This lookout point offers views of the rugged ocean from a unique vantage point.

It is a great place for golfers

Golfers will love the golf courses in Clyde. Clyde has two excellent 18-hole golf courses: Alexandra Golf Club and Cromwell Golf Club. Both are surrounded by lush greenery and offer great views of the surrounding Otago landscape. Golfers can walk or drive right from their door to play on these courses.

Clyde also has a number of great cafes and eateries. Monte Christo Dessert Cafe & Gardens serves local berries. Another great option is the Orchard Garden Cafe, which is housed in a mudbrick fruit packhouse. In addition, there’s the Post Office Café, located in an old building. You can also check out Old Clyde Bank and the House & Cafe.

Whether you’re an avid golfer or just looking to unwind after a round, Clyde has it all. There’s even a golf academy in town, and locals often hold exhibition matches there. In fact, the local golf course is a favorite among many golfers.

Clyde is also known for its cycling trails. There are several cycle trails in the area, including the Otago Central Rail Trail. There are three cycle hire services in town, and there are shuttle services to nearby towns. The Otago Central Rail Trail passes through the town and offers breathtaking views.

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