How to Write a Good Business News Article

Writing a news article is an excellent way to get your organization in the spotlight. However, you need to be careful to write accurately and stay unbiased. If you are not, your story may be discredited.

Start with an eye-catching stat or fact. This will draw the reader in and encourage them to keep reading.

Eric Noe

Eric Noe is an editor-in-chief at Business News Daily, where he runs all editorial content operations. He has over 15 years of experience in traditional media and startup environments. He has led digital teams through a variety of projects, including global business news and philanthropic social impact campaigns. He has a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s in journalism from Northwestern University.

Skye Schooley is a staff writer for Business News Daily, writing articles that help small business owners and entrepreneurs. She writes about human resources, workplace culture, and other topics that are relevant to businesses. She is also a former corporate recruiter and has a bachelor’s degree in communications and Spanish from Ball State University.

As a senior data analyst, Kevin Hoe collaborates across teams to empower colleagues with actionable data. He works to build data pipelines and models, create self-service dashboards, and conduct comprehensive data analyses. His previous experience in hypergrowth companies in the travel, media, and construction industries has helped him develop a strong understanding of what it takes to grow a business.

Kayla St. Germain leads growth marketing and sales enablement initiatives for Business News Daily. She is responsible for partnering with businesses and entrepreneurs to enhance their brands, execute efficient go-to-market strategies, and support revenue growth. She has a background in marketing and customer service, and she works cross-functionally to ensure stakeholder alignment.

Adam Uzialko

Adam Uzialko is a writer and editor for Business News Daily, where he covers small businesses. He specializes in business-related topics such as public policy and regulations, digital marketing, and SEO. In addition to writing, he also performs data analysis and research. He is passionate about helping small business owners succeed in their endeavors.

In the latest article on Business News Daily, Uzialko discusses the opportunities available to Ohio businesses. He writes that the state has three major strengths for entrepreneurs to take advantage of. These include professional support from local programs, a supportive community, and a positive attitude towards homegrown companies. The author also mentions that there are many incubators and accelerators throughout the state, some of which are located on college campuses.

Kayla St. Germain is the growth marketing manager for Business News Daily. She collaborates with multiple teams to ensure that all content is informed by actionable data. She has a strong understanding of the needs of different departments, enabling her to provide cross-functional insights to drive revenue and strategic initiatives. She lives a half-hour from Boston, where she spends her spare time playing guitar and volunteering for her local community.

Skye Schooley is the human resources content writer for Business News Daily. Her articles help small business owners manage their human capital and improve workplace culture. She uses a blend of personal experience and research to produce engaging articles that educate readers about the latest HR trends. Before writing for Business News Daily, Skye gained B2C experience performing content marketing and data analysis.

Skye Schooley

Skye Schooley is a reporter for Business News Outline, where she covers stories about small business and entrepreneurial trends. She’s also a co-host on CNBC Make It and has been featured on Newsnight, Wake Up To Money, and Radio 5 Live. Her favorite part of her job is getting the opportunity to empower people by sharing clear buying advice and valuable how-to content.

When pitching your business news to the media, it’s important to have a strong story. To ensure that your story is newsworthy, create a press release with a quote from a company expert or leader that outlines the “why” behind your product or service. For example, you could include the impact on your customers or community. You should also provide data support for your story – this can be in the form of customer quotes, expert data or industry statistics. Having these assets in your arsenal will make it easier for reporters to cover your news and elevate it to the next level. Ultimately, the more prepared you are with your business news, the better chance you have of earning a spot on the Business News Outline.

Katelyn Andrews

Katelyn Andrews is a journalist who reports on business and political news. She has covered several national events and stories, including two presidential impeachments and the fight for control of the House in the midterm elections. She also writes on state and local politics and government spending legislation. She joined the Wall Street Journal in 2014 and has reported from all over the country.

Skye Schooley is a staff writer for Business News Daily who specializes in human resources content. She conducts extensive research and interviews with industry experts to produce articles that help small business owners manage their employees and foster workplace diversity and culture. She also contributes to the site’s product reviews and marketing campaigns. Prior to her work with B2B, she worked in the e-commerce sector.

Stephanie Presley is a copy editor for Business News Daily who has edited thousands of pieces of B2B content over the past decade. She has also written for the consumer-tech digital publication Top Ten Reviews. She has an English degree from Weber State University in Utah. She enjoys hiking and reading in her free time.

Cassie Knudsen oversees the growth marketing and sales enablement initiatives at Business News Daily. She has more than eight years of experience across a variety of industries, including SaaS and technology, all-in-one agencies, education, and healthcare. She is a passionate advocate for data privacy and community outreach.

Stephanie Presley

Business News Daily is an online publication dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage of the world of business. Its writers and editors are experts in their field and strive to deliver high-quality, informative articles that help readers make informed decisions. They also specialize in conducting thorough research and interviewing experts to create original content. In addition to business news, the site covers current events and trends in the world of entertainment.

Stephanie Presley is a dayside multimedia journalist who joined the team in May 2022. She was born and raised in Lakeland, Florida, where she developed her passion for broadcast journalism while in middle school. She later graduated from Morgan State University with a degree in Multimedia Journalism, and has since worked at stations across the country. She now calls Odessa, Texas home.

The estate has been in financial turmoil for years, owing over $20million in taxes and bond payments to the city of Memphis. The debt has left Graceland barely able to maintain the mansion, and has sparked a bitter feud between the estate and local economic development agency EDGE.

In her lawsuit, Presley accuses Siegel of mismanaging her funds and misleading her about the condition of her trust fund. She claims that he concealed the fact that her father’s money was nearly depleted and failed to restrict her spending to income from the estate. She also alleges that Siegel’s company, Providence Financial Management, charged her unreasonable fees.

Kevin Hannon

Kevin Hannon is a seasoned attorney with national practice. His experience in environmental litigation, class action, insurance bad faith and general personal injury claims has resulted in many successful results for his clients. He is licensed in Colorado and serves clients throughout the United States.

He is a member of the Denver Bar Association. He is also a member of the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association. He has won several awards from the TTLA for his work in environmental trials. His two environmental trials, Orjias v. Louisiana-Pacific and Escamilla v. Asarco, led to some of the largest jury awards in environmental cases in Colorado. He is also a frequent lecturer and nationally recognized author on environmental issues and insurance bad faith.

Business news is the area of journalism that tracks, records and analyzes the economic and financial changes in a society. It can be found in newspapers, magazines, radio and television-news shows. Its history can be traced back to the early 1700s, when Daniel Defoe began publishing a series of business-related articles.

Kayla St. Germain manages growth marketing and sales enablement initiatives at Business News Daily. She specializes in partnering with companies to enhance their brands and execute efficient go-to-market strategies that support revenue growth. She has a strong understanding of the needs and goals of each team, which she leverages to ensure that project deliverables are aligned with the company’s objectives. She holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and hospitality from the University of New Hampshire.

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