Things to Do in Woodbine, Maryland

If you are interested in visiting the unincorporated rural community of Woodbine, Maryland, then you have come to the right place. This unincorporated community is located southeast of Frederick, west of Baltimore, and north of Washington, D.C. and is just east of Mount Airy.

Dog friendly activities

The city of Woodbine, Maryland, offers a variety of dog-friendly activities for its residents. In addition to dog parks and beaches, many local businesses also welcome four-legged visitors. Some of these establishments have designated dog sections, while others have no restrictions. Quiet Waters Park, for instance, has both a small and large dog section. The park also offers a dog beach and dog-washing station.

The park is located about halfway down the boardwalk. Although it is not completely fenced, it is surrounded by plenty of trees and shrubs. It has plenty of space to run around and play fetch. There’s even an ice cream parlor right across the street! If you and your dog get hungry, take them out for a tasty treat at one of the nearby restaurants.

Dog owners can also enjoy a game at Baysox Stadium. Dogs are allowed to attend Wednesday home games, as long as they are leashed and have the proper vaccinations. The concourse also has water bowls for canine guests. A dog relief area is also located outside the stadium.


Parks in Woodbine, Maryland offer a range of outdoor recreation opportunities. For instance, a 190-acre park offers many playing fields for all ages, including a tee-ball field, 4 ball diamonds, and 2 basketball courts. There are also five pavilions, which are available on a first-come-first-served basis. The park is also home to several species of wildlife, including the endangered Least Sandpiper and Solitary Sandpiper.

Green spaces

There are many different types of green spaces to enjoy in Woodbine, MD. The Patapsco River is nearby, and residents enjoy spending time at Gillis Falls Park, Poplar Springs Park, and Days End Farm Horse Rescue. In addition, there are plenty of local farms to visit, including Larriland Farm, Breezy Willow Farm, and Norman’s Farm Market. Residents can also enjoy the fresh air at Piney Run Park.

There are also many great restaurants in and around Woodbine. The area is only a short drive from Baltimore, so day trips are possible. Just be sure to check road conditions before setting off, though. There are also a number of public transportation options, and a strong financial and business environment.

In addition to parks, Woodbine is also home to Western Regional Park. This public park is maintained by the city’s Parks Department. The park’s newest phase will include an outdoor basketball court, skateboard park, and pickleball courts. The park is adjacent to the West Parking lot and multi-purpose fields. Historically, the area was home to Piscataway and Susquehannock Indians. Though no permanent settlements were found, the land was a source of conflicts with the Iroquois. Later, Colonial expansion caused many of these tribes to relocate elsewhere. Some remained in the majority culture.


If you’re thinking about getting into farming, there are several options available in Woodbine, Maryland. The area offers mini rural farms, small farms, and abandoned farms for sale. You can find detailed information on the available farms in the area by contacting a local real estate agent. There are several different types of farms for sale in Woodbine, and a real estate agent can provide you with all of the information you need.

The Huntington Farms in Woodbine, Maryland is a company that engages in Local Business. They have business operations in and around Woodbine, as well as outside the community. The company is owned and operated by Jayne Nessif. Their website can be found here. For more information, please click on the business’s profile and read about the current business opportunities available.

Vacation spots

Woodbine, Maryland is a small unincorporated town located in the Baltimorean metropolitan area. This small town is located southeast of Frederick, west of Baltimore, and north of Washington, D.C. Woodbine is near the town of Mount Airy and the Baltimore/Washington D.C. International airport.

When you plan a trip, consider the local area. You can visit the nearby Woodbine restaurants, or drive to nearby cities. Woodbine is located about an hour away from Baltimore, making it a convenient day trip. However, be sure to check road conditions before you leave. Woodbine, MD is a great place for day trips, but you can also make it a weekend getaway.

There are 10 hotels in the region. The largest ones are about 18 miles away. These places are convenient for day trips, as they are close to the airport. If you have a large family or a group of friends, it’s a good idea to choose hotels that allow pets. Many of these rentals accept dogs and do not charge a pet fee.

Vacation spots in Woodbine, Maryland are located near the Baltimore/Washington metropolitan area. Some of the best rentals are near the center of the city. Some of these rentals offer private entrances. Some have smart TVs, while others include refrigerators and laundry facilities. Many of these properties have a hot tub and are perfect for families with young children.

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