How to Get Started With Bots on Messenger

Messenger bots are now popular for users who want to automate their tasks. These bots are available on platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook. Users can set up these bots to answer questions, send messages, or do other tasks for them. It’s also easy to get started with these bots. You just need to find a bot provider and download the bot to your device.


Unilever has made use of bots on messenger platforms to engage with its customers. With the help of this digital communication tool, the company has managed to connect with customers both on- and offline. It has also embraced the concept of “familiarity” to promote its products.

The company has launched the All Things Hair campaign for its hair care line. This chatbot uses Augmented Reality to allow users to upload pictures of their head and virtually try different styles. Moreover, the bot provides personalized product recommendations, hairstyle suggestions and feedback on purchased items.

Another Unilever campaign, the Signal Pepsodent initiative, uses a Facebook Messenger bot to educate parents and children on brushing teeth. As part of the wider campaign, the Signal Pepsodent Facebook bot includes free 21-epsodent animations to encourage children to brush their teeth.


Lululemon may be best known for its line of breathable apparel, but the company has recently announced it’s intentions to diversify into more of a retail and fitness business model in the near future. A bot on the other hand, could potentially help the retailer to meet that goal. Taking advantage of AI and big data in the health space, the company intends to deliver a scalable service that combines machine learning with the latest in wearable sensors. It’s an exciting time for the company, as it moves closer to re-establishing itself as a cult brand. With an ever-growing customer base, the company is putting an emphasis on a more personal approach that focuses on improving the health of employees at all levels.


The PrAna bots on messenger are a great way to get your message out there. The app uses Facebook’s messaging feature to help you browse and find out about the clothing they sell. It also gives you some tips on how to use their products. They are designed to feel like a human conversation.

What’s not to love about a chatbot? You can schedule appointments, provide help, and even book a service. And the best part is you don’t have to leave the Messenger app!

Among the most successful uses of a bot is answering common customer questions. For example, if someone has a question about the size of a dress they’re trying on, you can give them an option to send you a quick message.


ItsAlive bots on messenger is a chatbot platform that helps brands and organizations engage with their audience. The service has a clean and simple interface. You can create a customized experience for your customers and make sure that customer support needs are handled quickly.

The chatbot offers a full suite of features and customization options. From setting up your welcome message to customizing the conversation path, it has everything you need to create a powerful bot. Creating an automated conversation with a bot is easy, so you can get started in less than a week.

There are five different plans that you can choose from. There is a free plan, which allows you to field 1,000 messages per month. If you need to handle more messages, you can opt for the Pro plan. In the Plus plan, you can create up to 20,000 messages monthly. Lastly, there is the Enterprise plan, which lets you build unlimited bots.


If you’re looking for a way to build a chatbot, there are a lot of options out there. One of the most flexible ones is Pandorabots.

It’s an open source framework that’s based on the AIML scripting language. The platform provides users with an easy to use interface and a variety of tools for building a bot. However, despite its simplicity, Pandorabots isn’t a perfect fit for every business. You’ll still need to add some extra features, such as machine learning, to make it an effective bot.

Besides AIML, it also uses a number of other tools, including a development interface, libraries, and a live chat feature. Its most prominent feature is its avatar. This animated avatar appears whenever the bot replies.

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